How to Manage Stress and Anxiety without Medication.

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Scenario 1

It’s 3 a.m. in the morning.   Your mind is too agitated to sleep so you toss and turn in your bed.

The source of your restlessness is your job. Earlier that day your employer gave you an almost impossible assignment.  Though the assignment usually takes weeks to complete, you only have days. The worst part, if you fail you’ll be fired.

Scenario 2

It’s your day off.  You planned a relaxing day of watching movies at home.  Unfortunately, your day is ruined when you read a certain letter.  The letter states that the interest rate on your student loan is going to increase. If you can’t pay them then your wages will be garnished.

Upon reading this your muscles become tense and your stomach tightens into knots. You’re already working two jobs and barely surviving. You try to think of a solution but your mind is too worried to focus.  Feeling hopeless, you sink into a state of despair.

In both scenarios, the person is in a stressful situation which will produce symptoms of anxiety.  Unfortunately, circumstances like these are very common.

Along with the ones mentioned in the two scenarios, other causes of stress are illness, loss of a job, and death of a loved one.

To treat the anxiety that comes from stress, doctors will often prescribe pharmaceutical medicine.

Unfortunately, these medications come with side effects which include insomnia, impotence, nausea, and dizziness [i].  Also, there is always the possibility of addiction.

But there are alternatives to the pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors.

Not only do these methods come without side effects, but they have other benefits.

  • They’ll give you a remarkably sharp mind free of worry.
  • You’ll develop a body capable of defending itself from internal and external attackers.
  • You’ll learn about an inexpensive, all-natural way of fighting deadly bacteria.

Sound good?

Well sit back, relax, and you’ll learn how to manage stress and anxiety without medication.

If you want to find peace and bliss learn to be effectively violent.

The term peaceful warrior isn’t as much of a contradiction as it sounds.  Shaolin monks are a perfect example.  Though they are peaceful Buddhists, they are also skilled warriors.

That’s because martial arts practitioners possess a powerful body, guided by a calm mind.  Below are some mental and physical benefits of practicing martial arts.

  • You’ll develop a tranquil yet unbreakable mind.

Most martial arts schools engage in sparring.  One of the reasons they do this is because it helps you to remain calm during actual combat.

This type of training can also carry over into nonphysical confrontations. If you can remain calm in a chokehold; then you’ll be able to remain calm when that overdue bill arrives.

  • You will gain a powerful trait that will make you fearless.

Confidence is very important.  Unfortunately, stress and anxiety often robs us of our self-confidence.  But martial arts prevents this by constantly challenging you.

The more opponents you overcome the more confidence you gain.  If you can put a challenger twice your size on their back, then finding a job after a layoff won’t seem as difficult.

  • You’ll get the same high as you would with narcotics but without the addiction.

Endorphins are pheromones that that are released from your brain.  These chemicals will give you a blissful feeling sometimes known as the runners high.

One of the ways that you can release endorphins is through extreme aerobic workouts.

Martial arts definitely fit that category.  An hour-long class can burn over 2000 calories.  You’ll also get other benefits like increased flexibility and increased muscle tone.

Science confirms that this substance can calm the mind and sooth the nerves.

Herbs have been proven to be an effective way of healing both body and mind.  Below are two powerful herbs that can be used to treat stress and anxiety.   Consult your doctor before using medicinal herbs; especially if you’re pregnant or already taking medication.

  • Lavender Oil

Nothing beats a chaotic day like a warm, comforting, bath.  But if you really want your bath to take your troubles away then add lavender oil.

Studies show that lavender can soothe many of the conditions assigned to anxiety.   This includes but is not limited to migraines, insomnia, and depression.

Do you like massages?  Then using massage oil made from lavender will greatly enhance the calming experience felt during a massage.

As far as healing the physical body, scientists are currently conducting tests to explore the antibacterial and antifungal properties of lavender oil.

  • Saint John’s Wort

What makes St. John’s wort so effective is that it contains hyperforin which is a powerful antidepressant.

St. John’s wort also contains Hypericum, a molecule that is able to kill viruses.  St. John’s wort comes in tea bags or you can take it in pill form.

Not only can this amazing tool ease tension and erase fear, but it’s also free.

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The mind is a very powerful tool.  It can conceive of machines that can travel to other planets. It can create magnificent structures that will stand for centuries.  And if used correctly, it can be used to destroy stress and anxiety.

Here are some proven low-cost mental techniques that can help you find inner peace.

  • Mantras

Mantras are repeated words, sentences, or sounds that are used to enter meditative states.  Research shows that chanting repeated words affects the brain in a way that may cause a calming effect.

  • Visualizations

Though it may go by different names and techniques, mental visualizations can produce wondrous results.  Visualizations are mental images that can be used to reprogram the mind.

Businessmen have used it to achieve riches.  Athletes have used it to win games.  And this study shows that it can also be used to cure addiction and lower stress.

  • Meditation

For many centuries, spiritual adepts have used meditation to help achieve enlightenment.  The reason for this is that meditation enhances the mind and alters the brain.

Sound outlandish?  We’ll according to this article printed in the Washington Post, meditation can physically change parts of the brain.

One of the parts altered, the amygdala, is reduced.  The amygdala activates the fight or flight response in stressful situations.   Though not proven some believe that a reduced amygdala will result in less anxiety.

Breaking free of the prison called misery.

Scenario 1

You’re given another tough assignment with a tight deadline.  Your arrogant boss smiles after reminding you that your job is on the line.

But instead of another night of insomnia, you’re sleeping peacefully in your bed.

That’s because after work you had an intense workout in the dojo.  After venting your frustrations, you went home and bathed in some lavender oil.

Scenario 2

You receive your student loan bill with the new increase. But unlike like before when your mind was overcome with worry and doubt; you now have a mind that is confident and determined.

That’s because you’ve been meditating and reciting mantras. With a clear mind, you can now formulate a plan.  This new inner strength allows you to visualize a life free of debt.

Now that you know how to treat stress and anxiety without medication, problems like these can no longer hinder you. The best part is that most of these methods are either free or affordable.

You can watch YouTube or buy eBooks to learn how to meditate and use mantras.

Purchasing St. John’s wort and lavender won’t leave your pockets empty.  If you’re in the proper climate you can even grow them.

Though learning martial arts will cost you money, it’s far cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist.  Plus think of how attractive you’ll look once you lose those unwanted pounds.

Starting this instant your days of being a victim of stress and anxiety are over.  You have the methods to empower yourself so there really is no excuse.  Just because we live in a stressful society, doesn’t me we can’t live a peaceful life.

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