The Shocking Truth Behind the Fasting Diet.

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You’ve been thinking about fasting for a while now.  Why shouldn’t you? Fasting has been touted as the latest and cutting-edge way to lose weight.

Even big time celebrities like Hugh Jackman are doing it, and if it’s good enough for the Wolverine then why not you?   So you decide to add fasting to your weight loss arsenal.

So you go and study the different types of fasting.  The intermittent fast.  The water fast.  The fruit only fast.  The oxygen only fast. OK, I made that last one up.

But did you know there’s more to fasting than its weight-loss benefits?  This benefit is one of the many reasons why it’s been practiced for thousands of years.

Some would say that this claim is completely false.  Others would say it’s outrageous.  Some would even say it’s impossible.  But science can prove that it is indeed feasible.

So what is the shocking truth about fasting?  You’ll find out down in the next part of this post.  If you decide to read then prepare for a mind-blowing revelation will change the way you look at fasting.

The important secret that may save your life.

If you’ve read this far then that means you really want to know.  So here it is.  It’s the fact that fasting can help cure sickness.

I’m not talking about the annoying ones like the common cold.  I’m referring to the deadly ones like cancer.

You may be wondering how depriving yourself of food helps to relieve cancer.  It almost seems contradictory since your body needs energy from digested food so that it can function properly.  If your body can’t function properly then it’s susceptible to sickness.

Though it’s true that the body needs food for energy, certain physiological transformations occur when the body goes without food for a certain amount of time.

Scientists are studying these biological changes and finding out that they can actually treat certain diseases.

  • According to this article posted on the USC (University of Southern California) website; a fasting diet, combined with chemotherapy, can bypass the shield that protects certain cancer cells from the immune system.

Staying on the subject of cancer, one of the most common ways to fight this disease is to undergo chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, a major side effect of chemotherapy is that although the radiation kills cancer cells—it also kills useful, normal cells.

  • This study published on the NCBI website states that fasting for 48 hours can protect normal cells from radiation while still destroying cancer cells.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system.  This disease not only decreases mobility, but it also leads to tremors and impaired speech¹.  Fasting may be able to treat this disease.

  • An article posted on the John Hopkins Health Review website, reports that reducing your energy intake might help your brain ward off neurodegenerative diseases. Two of the most well known neurodegenerative diseases are Alzheimer and Parkinsons.  At the same time, fasting will also improve memory and mood².


Scientists are searching a way to achieve this miracle.  Now they’re finding out that fasting may be the key. 


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It’s a scientific fact that certain organs in our body maintain themselves by renewing their cells.

Scientists are currently trying to find a way to artificially do this with any body part.  If they do they’ll be able to replace damaged or diseased organs.

Though this sounds fascinating, especially to a science-fiction nerd like me— we are probably many decades away from being able to achieve this.

But what if we could, at least on a small level, regenerate our cells without any mechanical means?   We’ll possibly the most interesting fact about the fasting diet, is that it promotes cellular regeneration.

  • A study posted on the University of California website states that fasting for two to four days not only destroys the older and damaged cells, but it will also generate newer ones.

Fasting can also regenerate the cells of the pancreas that are destroyed by type 1 diabetes.

  • In an experiment to monitor the effects of fasting on diabetes, mice who were diagnosed with the disease were starved and then later refed.  Amazingly, the pancreas of the mice was able to regenerate the beta cells.

Delay aging and build powerful muscles with fasting.

Earlier I wrote about this the weight-loss benefits of fasting.  But what about muscle? One of the main reasons why people like bodybuilders and strength athletes are hesitant to fast is because they think that they will lose muscle along with the fat.

One of the main reasons why people like bodybuilders and strength athletes are hesitant to fast is because they think that they will lose muscle along with the fat.

If you’re one of these people then I’ve got some good news for you.  The astonishing truth about fasting is that it stimulates growth hormone leading to bigger muscles.

  • In a small test to see how diets can affect the production of growth hormone— scientists fed participants three different diets.  The first diet consisted of foods that contained high amounts of protein.                                                                                         The second diet consisted of foods that contained high carbohydrates and low protein.  The third one contained no food but and was a 72 hour fast.  Out of all three, it was discovered that fasting produced the greatest amount of growth hormone.

As covered in the blog post about 10 anti-aging foods, I discussed how free radicals and oxidants can hasten the aging process.   SIRT3 is a species that regulates that oxidative damage that happens in mitochondria.

Studies show that SIRT3 increases the amount of antioxidants in the body while scavenging oxidants. Fasting, along with exercise, can increase SIRT3 expression¹.


How to destroy doubt and achieve success.

The shocking truth about fasting has now been revealed to you.  If you’re convinced of its healing benefit then this can be an inexpensive weapon against both sickness and aging.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see a doctor if something is wrong.  Honestly, for safety reasons, you should consult your doctor before you even begin fasting.

There are many negative claims against fasting.  Some say that fasting for weight loss won’t work because once the fast is over you’ll overindulge on food.

While that can happen that you can solve this problem by only having a certain amount of foods in your refrigerator.  Or start refeeding yourself with fruit and vegetables.  After a while, you’ll become more disciplined and the refeeding stage won’t be much of a problem.

Then there are the hunger pains.  Most people think they can’t tolerate it.  While hunger pains are inconvenient, they won’t leave you on the ground in agony.  When your body gets accustomed to fasting you will feel it a lot less, if at all.

Others say that fasting will leave you feeling tired and lethargic.  This is usually due to low blood sugar level due to lack of food.  Once again your body will adjust in time. There are many people who, during their fasts, workout very hard.  Once the workout is over then they’ll eat.

Once again your body will this is due to the adjustment phase of fasting. There are many people who during their fasts workout very hard.  Once the workout is over then they’ll eat.

Even though it’s a gift from the past fasting may become an accepted part of mainstream healing in the future.  And if you take care of yourself you can be there to see it happen.


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