5 Tips for Losing Weight without Going on a Diet.


The holiday seasons are now over and It’s a new year. And like many others you decided that you would get in shape by losing excess weight.

So you conquer procrastination, destroy doubt, and began to exercise. But unfortunately exercise is only half the battle.

In order for you to be healthy you have to diet. That means eating the right foods in the right portions.

But let’s face it, while exercise can be fun, and even cool, dieting can suck. It’s hard to begin, hard to maintain, and can make us very cranky.

This is why according to the WebMD website, 41% of people who start diets end up quitting.

Additionally according to this NBC article, almost 80% of dieters regain most of their weight after just two years.

But what if you could reduce those unwanted calories even after you submit to temptation?

What if while learning to control your cravings, you could turn those love handles into lean muscles?

We’ll you’re in luck because here are five tips for losing weight without going on a diet.
1. Boxers use this common toy to burn calories, and so should you.
What do children and boxers have in common? They both jump rope.

Not only is jumping rope fun and inexpensive; but 10 minutes of this activity are equal to 30 minutes of jogging.

Calories Burned: Depending on your weight, rate of speed, and duration, you can burn 125 calories in ten minutes.

However, if you improve your endurance and work up to an hour, it’s possible to burn up to 700-1000 calories.
2. Utilizing this small and simple tool will completely eliminate body fat.

It tones muscle, thickens the abs, and takes up as much room as a pair of boots. I’m talking about the kettlebell.

A kettlebell is a small iron ball with a handle attached to it. With it can you can get a gut-busting, full-body workout doing different types of swings.

Calories Burned: There is a reason why the kettlebell is a good recommendation for getting rid of fat without dieting. According to this test conducted by Ace Fitness you can burn 13.6 calories a minute from a high intensity kettlebell workout.

3. To take off the weight, pick up the weights.


If I had a favorite tip for losing weight without going on a diet— it would be weight lifting.

Not only does weight lifting build muscle, but it burns fat, boosts metabolism, and increases lean muscle mass.

Calories Burned: According to this chart published by Harvard Health Studies, when it comes to weight lifting, you can burn 266 calories in 30 minutes depending on how much you weigh.

4. How to quickly burn excess calories while sitting on your ass.
I know it sounds crazy but try a spin class and you’ll understand.

A spin class is a class where you ride a stationary bike at different speeds and settings.

Not only will you sweat out some calories, but you’ll be doing it to some cool music.

Calories Burned: The amount of calories you’ll burn during a cycling class will depend on your height, weight, duration and intensity.

On average you can burn around 400-800 calories during a 45 minute class.

5. Train like a fighter without actually fighting.
Because of the way they train, combat athletes have very little body fat. They also have lengthy stamina and precise coordination.

If you want these benefits without actually sparring, then you should consider taking a cardio kickboxing class.

Cardio Kickboxing is a class that combines kickboxing moves with aerobic type workouts.

Though it’s not geared towards actual combat a class will greatly enhance flexibility and reduce stress.

Calories Burned: According to this study done by ACE, on average you can burn 450-800 calories a class which usually lasts about an hour.

With the perfect tools, it’s time for the artist to sculpt the masterpiece
Now that you have tips for losing weight without dieting, pick one of them to use.

Whether it’s done in a class or at home these workouts can be a great addition to your regular routine.

If you incorporate just one of these methods; you can gradually lose weight until you eliminate junk food from your diet.

So grab a kettlebell, join a class, pick up a weight, and burn that fat.
The body of your dreams is right around the corner.

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