How to Prevent the Flu while Boosting Your Immune System.

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You turn on the television for a night of comedic entertainment.  After enjoying your favorite sitcom you decide to watch the nightly news.  That’s when whatever joy you felt, turns into fright.

What brings on such a powerful emotion is the report about the latest flu epidemic.

All across America people both young and old are contracting the flu. However, the most terrifying fact is that some people are actually dying from it.

The fear of catching this lethal and contagious virus begins to infect your mind and contaminate your thoughts.

You think of the what could happen if you become infected:

  • “I’ll lose money because I don’t have any sick days”
  • “I could give it to my kids and they could end up dying”
  • “It could lead to pneumonia and then I’ll really be in trouble.”

That fear and paranoia can lead to a mental disorder known as sickness behavior.  Sickness behavior is a condition that causes you to completely avoid people and places because of fear of infection.

But how long can you live like this? Whether it’s work or grocery shopping, you’ve got to leave the house sometime right?

If you want to how to prevent the flu without becoming a recluse—then look no further than your immune system.

Like the muscles in your body, your immune system can be strengthened.

With a more efficient immune system, your body can defend itself from harmful viruses—even the ones that cause the flu.

You’re probably wondering, how can this be done? Well if you want to know,  you’ll have to read on.

The Zen of War: Use These Peaceful Techniques to Defend the Body against Viral Invaders.

There are many methods for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.  Some of these methods are just as physical as they are nonphysical.

This physical aspect, utilized in combination with the mind and breath, can liberate our spirits.

However what is not known or discussed, is that these practices can also prevent disease.

Tai Chi


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Whether practiced as a martial art or a slow and gentle exercise, millions around the world know the value of Taichi.

Combined with meditation, tai chi can lower stress and relieve muscle tension.  Though these are some cool benefits, the question is how can tai chi prevent the flu?

Well here’s the answer:

In a study conducted at UCLA, scientists wanted to test the immune system of taichi practitioners.

The scientists took two groups of people and split them up. Group A consisted of people that practice taichi while group B consisted of a group that didn’t.

At the end of the 16-week study, group A had an immune system twice as strong as group B.


Yoga can tone muscles, tighten loose skin, and increase flexibility.  However, as nice as those benefits are, they are only skin deep.  The much deeper power of yoga lies in the fact that it affects us on a cellular level.

According to this study, researchers have discovered that those who engage in all aspects of yoga which include:

  • Asanas = Static poses.
  • Pranayama = Mindful breathing.
  • Meditation = Focused concentration.

Can actually modify the genes of immune cells.  If you combine yoga with a healthy diet, you can greatly reduce your chances of getting sick.

The Easy and Convenient Way to Prevent the Flu.


Green Tea


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What can be more satisfying than a relaxing than a nice cup of tea and honey?  Green tea, in particular, is highly revered for its ability to treat and prevent colds and flu.

Science proves that this healthy beverage deserves all the respect that it gets.


Lab studies show that substances found in green tea can destroy the influenza type V virus.   The type V virus is one of the strains that cause the flu.


Honey is a healthy way to add a sweet flavor to foods and beverages.  It is also antibacterial and antiviral which is why it’s usually consumed with green tea when people get sick.

According to this study done in Japan, it can be very effective. Scientists took extracts of honey and used it along with antiviral medication.

At the end of the test, it was concluded that: “Our results showed that honey, in general, and particularly Manila honey has potent inhibitory activity against the influenza virus, demonstrating a potential medicinal value.”

If you have children under the age of one, avoid giving them honey because it can cause botulism.

Maintaining a Calm Mind in a Time of Chaos.

You’re waiting at the train station during morning rush hour.  Wanting to keep up with current events, you purchase the morning paper.

You read about how a Dallas hospital became so crowded with flu patients, that it had to nearly close its doors.

Though you feel sympathy and compassion —what you don’t feel are fear and anxiety.

As you enter the crowded morning train, you’re inundated with the sounds of coughs and sneezes, instead of the more familiar sounds of the train running on the tracks.

But you aren’t disturbed. As a matter of fact, you’re strangely calm.

Now that you know how to prevent the flu; the fear and despair that haunt people during a plague won’t be visiting you.

The best part about these methods is that they are fairly easy to implement.  You can practice qigong and yoga before or after work.

Green tea and honey can either be consumed by itself or with other meals.

So don’t wall until an outbreak occurs to start fortifying your body.  You should look at preventive medicine as an inexpensive form of insurance.

You pay a little now so you’ll be covered in case a catastrophe happens.   And let’s face it, in the battle against diseases you’ll need every advantage you can get.

As we can see with the flu epidemic, not having your body prepared can mean the difference between life and death.

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